Beth Morrow was born in Nashville, Tennessee.   This city has taught her about change, history, faith, mistakes, and opportunity.    Beth's professional experience is in nonprofit and higher education administration, management, communications, community outreach, events, teaching and coaching.   Her business is to listen and help leaders at every level. 



Groups need neutrals that can move them through meetings, seasons of planning, transition and sometimes crisis.  


Strategic Planning

The cycle of financial sustainability and impact of the mission is constantly turning.  I work with nonprofit management teams to assess long-term priorities and plan accordingly.



I'm trained in a methodology of coaching committed to developmental learning in adults and behavioral change, called Presence-based Coaching.   I love the challenges, celebrations, and relationships of this coaching practice.  

Conflict Management

I work with graduate students who are learning facilitation, mediation and negotiation techniques.  When I work with clients, we decide what tools apply to their needs.

Law, Justice & Society

We teach students about American Law, and how to influence societal change through advocacy, politics, courts and community service.


I'm learning from and teaching graduate students about the incredibly diverse nonprofit sector.   Currently, I am reading essential works by longtime strategy professors, such as Dr. Sharon Oster.